Indoor Air Testing Services in Aspen, CO

With over two decades of industry experience, HealthSafe Inspections Inc. is the go-to source for indoor air quality testing services throughout Western Colorado. I am highly qualified to inspect and test both residential and commercial properties for a wide variety of indoor air contaminants, and I am proud to be a trusted provider of reliable radon testing. Here’s a look at how I help my clients:

  • Indoor air testing: Poor indoor air quality can lead to general discomfort, a host of health problems and, in some cases, potentially life-threatening conditions. Whether you’re dealing with allergens, bacteria, mold, radon or any other contaminants, investing in indoor air testing is the essential first step in taking proper action to make your environment healthy and safe. Radon testing is the only way to determine whether your home is contaminated—call us today to learn more!
  • Indoor air consulting: Suspicions about the air quality in your home or commercial space can be aroused by noticing strange or unpleasant smells as well as by feeling inexplicably sick, drowsy or dizzy. When you contact HealthSafe Inspections Inc. for indoor air consulting or radon consulting, I will visit your property, perform the necessary tests and get to the root cause of the problem—and then I’ll help you figure out what needs to happen next.
  • Post-remediation follow-up: If you’ve invested your time, money and energy into services designed to remove indoor air contaminants from your property, you deserve to be able to rest easy knowing those services actually took care of the problem. HealthSafe Inspections Inc. provides post-remediation follow-up services, including inspecting and retesting your property to ensure air quality issues are under control and your property is safe and habitable.

Get in touch with HealthSafe Inspections Inc. by calling 970-920-2100 and scheduling an initial consultation. I look forward to helping you breathe easily once again!