Why You Need to Test Your Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality is something that many people do not really think about until they start having problems. Having your indoor air quality tested is a great way to ensure that your air is of good quality and that you are going to be safe to breathe it. Indoor air quality can suffer and you may not even be aware of it. Taking the time to test can make all the difference.

What To Test Indoor Air Quality For

Air quality tests can help detect a range of odorless gasses that can cause various health issues. Gasses like carbon monoxide can slowly build up and cause breathing issues and more. Another potential gas to look for is radon. Radon is a natural gas that comes up from the ground that can cause lung cancer.

Your air quality tests can also test for things like mold. Though you are likely to smell a huge mold infestation, you might not be able to smell it until it gets to the point that it is a very large infestation that is very dangerous and very difficult to fight off. Air quality tests can detect mold when it is in the very early stages so that you can get rid of it and improve the overall quality of the air that you and your family breathe.

How To Test for Radon

You can get home radon tests that can tell you if you need further testing by a professional. Radon is a natural gas that comes up from the ground. The radon gas often takes a long time to build up in the air and actually cause a bigger issue within the home. The radon gas can build up over the years and can become a huge issue causing you to have breathing issues and eventually cancer in some cases.

You can get professional radon testing if you get a home test that indicates a radon issue and that there needs to be some ventilation. The ventilation system used to help treat the radon issue will be piped up from the home’s crawl space. This will remove the radon gas from the crawl space and disperse it so that it does not end up in the home where it can be potentially dangerous.  

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