4 Most Common Steps to Fire or Smoke Damage Remediation

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Fire or smoke damage is not something that anyone wants to deal with. However, it is a reality for those who have dealt with fires. There are ways that fire damage and smoke remediation can help to clean up the area and make it habitable again. Knowing what these steps are can help you determine what is going to work best for you.

What To Do After a House Fire

The first thing you need to do after a house fire is to contact your insurance company. They will be able to help you start the remediation process and help you find a company that is going to be covered by insurance for the repairs. They may send an adjuster out before the process of clean-up begins to help determine the extent of the damage and what services will be needed to clean up the home or other space and get it back to a usable state.

Steps To Fix a Home After Smoke Damage

The first step in the repair and recovery process is assessment. This will be when the repair company comes in, sees the extent of the damage, and determines what can be done to help get the home back in working order. They will look at the extent of the damage so they can start to create the plan that will be needed.

The next step is mitigation of the damage. The team you choose to work with will get in and turn off the water and electricity to the home and ensure that there are no gas leaks and other elements that might make clean-up dangerous. They will also remove any ashes or other smoldering debris that might still be in the area.

After mitigation comes the clean-up. This process includes removing any damaged or destroyed furniture, walls, flooring, smoke, dust and soot that might be in the home. There is also likely to be water that has to be removed to prevent mold from growing. The team will remove anything that might be hazardous and will work to ensure that the area is safe.

The last step is to restore the home. They will restore floors, walls, and anything else that is damaged in the home’s actual structure. They can even paint and put in new flooring, cabinets, and other elements to ensure the home is safe and ready to be moved back into. This process can take weeks, but it generally does not take more than a month to complete in most cases.

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