How Does Radon Get Into a Home?

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that radon causes 21,000 cancer deaths per year in the United States. This odorless, colorless gas easily finds its way into your home. It’s up to homeowners to test their homes for radon every year. But you may wonder, where does radon come from in Aspen, CO? Read on for some information that could help you keep your home safe.

What causes radon to enter a home?

If you are buying or selling a home, it’s imperative that you hire a professional to test for radon in Aspen, CO. Over the years, this radioactive gas has been found in homes across the country. According to the EPA, one out of every 15 homes has elevated radon levels.

Radon can enter a home regardless of circumstances. Old and new homes, homes with and without basements, homes that are properly sealed and those with drafty areas are all susceptible to radon leaks. That’s why testing is so crucial, especially if you’re buying or selling a home or if your current property hasn’t undergone a radon test in more than two years.

This carcinogenic gas is the result of the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. As this natural process occurs, it releases radon into the air you breathe. Typically, radon moves upward through the ground and finds its way into your home through cracks or holes in your foundation. Your home’s structure then traps the radon inside, meaning you and your family regularly inhale this gas without knowing it.

Don’t skip professional radon testing

The amount of radon released by the breakdown of uranium fluctuates. Just because your home in Aspen, CO was free of radon when you tested several years ago doesn’t mean that’s still the case. That’s why professional radon testing every two years is a must for any homeowner.

Those buying or selling a home should also have radon testing performed on the property prior to the final transaction. For those selling their homes, buyers will ask about radon testing. If you’ve recently renovated or altered the property, a radon test is required.

As a buyer, you should inquire about radon testing. If testing took place in the last two years, request a copy of the results for your records. For homes that haven’t had testing in two or more years, ask that the seller complete this task before proceeding with the purchase. Get all of the testing information, such as where the test took place in the home, who performed the test, the type of test used and, if necessary, steps for mitigating radon entering the house.

When you’re in need of comprehensive testing for radon in Aspen, CO, get in touch with HealthSafe Inspections Inc. as soon as possible. We work with residential and commercial customers, offering thorough radon testing for homes, offices and other buildings. If we detect radon on your property, we’ll work with you on post-remediation services to ensure your home or business is safe for use.

Don’t let this toxic gas put you, your family, your employees or your customers at risk for lung cancer. Commit to radon testing once every two years. To book an appointment for testing, get in touch with us today.

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