What’s the Best Way to Prevent Germs from Spreading in the Home?

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These days, it’s a good bet that keeping your home free from germs is at the forefront of your mind. You’re certainly familiar with basic cleaning tasks like washing clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the toilet and shower, vacuuming, dusting and sanitizing the kitchen at the end of the night. However, these home maintenance chores and more must be practiced on a regular basis to ensure you have healthy indoor air and sanitized surfaces. It’s not possible to avoid all germs, but there are steps you can take to decrease the chances of harmful encounters with illness-causing germs in your own home.

All sorts of cleaning hacks and tricks can be found on the internet— we’ve picked out the ones anyone can do. Let’s take a look at some information on how to keep your Aspen, CO home germ free.

Make and follow a cleaning routine

It’s important to maintain a cleaning routine—otherwise, germs will stay and accumulate on household surfaces. Whether you’re a busy person or not, take the time to create a list of home cleaning tasks. You might not have the time to clean your home frequently, but cleaning small areas here and there is the least you should do on a daily basis, every other day or a few times a week. Pick one day a week to deep clean your house. Perform your cleaning routine every week on your chosen day, focusing on the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

Avoid clutter

A cluttered home is both unsightly and a germ magnet. Those bags of trash, piles of old magazines, books and clothing and everyday items that don’t get put away can harbor germs, dust and pests. Clutter makes cleaning more difficult, not to mention it’ll take longer to perform the most basic cleaning tasks. If your home has clutter, get rid of garbage and things you don’t want anymore, then rearrange what remains to make cleaning easier.

Keep the inside dry

High levels of moisture and humidity inside your home are an invitation for germs like bacteria, fungi and viruses to breed. To avoid this type of germ problem, keep your home dry year-round, with a particular focus during the rainy season. Use ceiling fans, room fans and exhaust fans to remove moisture from vulnerable areas, especially bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry room.

Have proper ventilation

Enclosed spaces inside your house that lack exposure to air circulation and/or sunlight are prone to germs. That said, it’s very important that every space in your home have proper ventilation, not just the bathroom and kitchen. Whether there are exhaust fans or other types of fans in the house, make it a priority to open windows and doors once each day to allow outdoor air and natural sunlight inside. This is a simple, natural way to purify the environment within your home and chase away germs.

Now that you know some helpful tricks to keep your Aspen, CO home germ free, consider contacting HealthSafe Inspections Inc. to schedule indoor air quality testing. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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