Water Damage Can Cause Bacteria Growth, Not Just Mold Growth

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It doesn’t take a super-savvy homeowner to understand the damage that water can cause to a home. Given enough time and volume, water can lead to cracks in the foundation, it can undermine the strength of your walls and it can promote the growth of mold in the spaces of your home. You likely know all that, but you may not be aware of the problems caused by bacteria growth from water damage in Aspen, CO.

Cracks in the foundation and mold growth in your walls are terrible problems, but they’re also relatively visible problems. Bacterial growth could spring up right under your nose without your even realizing it. You’re right to be concerned when your home is hit with extensive water damage. Just make sure you’re correcting all of the problems that can arise, not just the ones you can see.

The invisible enemy

There is plenty of nasty aesthetic damage that goes hand in hand with water damage, but it’s the little critters, the microscopic bacteria, that may pose the biggest threat in the long run. Even scarier, if it’s not eliminated correctly, bacteria can return even after the initial water damage has supposedly been repaired.

More often than not, bacteria growth from water damage in Aspen, CO results in the formation of one or both of the following bacteria.


Stenotrophomonas is the name applied to a family of bacteria that are most commonly found in the soil. When outside water rushes into your home, however, it brings bits of the dirt with it. That includes Stenotrophomonas. Though not commonly found in humans, when one of the variations of Stenotrophomonas finds its way into your system, it can be extremely difficult to treat. In those with a compromised immune system, Stenotrophomonas can even lead to death.


There are over 190 species of mycobacterium, the second type of bacteria likely to go hand in hand with water damage. Though you might not have heard of mycobacterium, you have likely heard of the diseases that mycobacterium infection can cause. Tuberculosis and leprosy are just two of the afflictions that can pop up when mycobacterium is present in an environment. Like Stenotrophomonas, mycobacterium is also a significant threat to those with compromised immune systems.

We’re ready to help you

At HealthSafe Inspections Inc., identifying bacteria in your home’s air in Aspen, CO is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our expansive skillset. We have worked tirelessly for more than 15 years to improve the day-to-day lives of every single one of our customers. In addition to our bacterial inspections, we’re also happy to provide a wide array of testing and consulting services for asbestos, biohazards, radon, mold and more.

Throughout the Aspen area, HealthSafe Inspections Inc. has built a reputation for excellence in all areas of our business. Just one call and one of our friendly, highly-trained staff members will set to work identifying your issues. Let us be the first step on your road to recovery. Give us a call or visit us online today.

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