Keep Your Indoor Air Clean This Winter

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Winter in Colorado means spending a lot of your time indoors. That is why it becomes essential to know how to keep indoor air fresh during winter in Aspen, CO. No one wants to spend time in a musty, suffocating house, but there are things you can do to reduce that effect. Here are five tips to ensure clean air this winter:

  • Keep up with housecleaning: There are not many homeowners who like to do it, but housecleaning is a big step in ensuring indoor air quality. Dust and vacuum regularly. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and dust with a damp cloth to keep dust from spreading. Vacuum and wash couches and chairs or invest in removable covers you can throw into the washer and dryer. Change bedding and consider investing in a carpet and furniture shampooer. If your busy days make you fall behind on these tasks, hire a house cleaner and arrange for annual carpet and furniture cleaning each fall.
  • Use natural products: Deodorants, hair products, nail polish, craft supplies and cleaning products all contain toxins that affect your home. Sensitive residents often suffer from headaches, sinus pressure and nausea when they are constantly exposed to these conditions. Look for chemical-free brands and use natural items for cleaning, like lemon, baking soda and white vinegar. Even switching out just one or two toxic products will make a difference in your home’s air quality.
  • Take advantage of nicer days: If it is not too cold outside, opening windows for even a few minutes can make a big difference. You can do just one room at a time if you wish to avoid a spiked heating bill. If there is a long cold snap, use fans. Bathroom and kitchen fans circulate the air to make it fresher. Leave doors to these areas open to further encourage circulation.
  • Buy plants: Assuming you do not have pets who like to kill houseplants, there are common species that filter the air in your home. Buy a few of them and place them in high-traffic areas. They will produce oxygen, increase humidity and absorb toxins. If no one in your household is sensitive to scents, find plants with gentle natural scents to further enhance the air at home. If you cannot keep plants, invest in an air purifier like the Dyson Pure Cool. The HEPA filter can catch up to 99.95 percent of microscopic allergens and pollutants.
  • Check appliances: Furnaces and natural gas appliances can emit fumes and reduce your indoor air quality. Check heaters, boilers, stoves and natural gas clothes dryers for smoke. You may not always see smoke, but that does not mean it is not there. Install carbon monoxide detectors for an extra level of safety, as those leaks can become deadly. Finally, do not forget to regularly clean chimneys. There are devices with smartphone apps that can measure pollutants and alert you to when they become dangerous.

For clean air this winter in Aspen, CO, invest in indoor air testing with help from HealthSafe Inspections Inc.. We can determine the contaminants in your home and offer appropriate remediation services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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