Why Not Cleaning Your Home Is Hazardous to Your Health

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Not cleaning your home thoroughly can be detrimental to your health. You might scrub your home down daily, but there are still hidden dangers lurking in places you may not have noticed. As a health inspector, we see a lot of hidden dangers in our clients’ homes. After your winter or spring cleaning in Aspen, CO, consider calling HealthSafe Inspections Inc. to confirm that you’ve caught all of the problems.

Problem areas in your home

Many of our clients do not see their own dirt, even when they’re generally clean people. We inspect buildings with a bright light, which makes it easy to see the deposits of pet hair and dander, insects, mice droppings, years of dust, etc. underneath furniture, beds, around wall edges, behind contents, in mechanical rooms, on heat registers, underneath and around appliances and in other places you might not notice.

Dust is a major problem no matter where you are. Anything that has a fan to cool itself (like a refrigerator or computer) will gather a lot of dust. Some refrigerator coils are so impacted with dust and hair that it’s a wonder how they can let off heat, since they are wearing such a wooly coating.

Refrigerators come with their own set of hazards. Sometimes the drip pans are full of a soup of bacteria and mold from the refrigerator’s condensation dripping into a pan of dust, insect parts and rodent waste.

Air circulation and filtration is also a problem. Many homes don’t have a means of circulating and filtering indoor air. They simply collect whatever blows in from open windows and doors, and what is deposited from individuals’ footwear, clothes and bodies. Add pets to the mix, and the effects are multiplied. All of us and our pets carry mold spores into our homes and deposit them on furniture, in our beds and on the floor. As we move around, those particles are disturbed, causing us to breathe them in.

In addition to deep cleaning with bright lights, portable filtration devices can help. However, thoroughly cleaning is the most important part. Walls and window coverings can also collect dust, so they should be HEPA vacuumed or washed. Try to vacuum your furniture every few weeks, along with your carpets.

It’s not just your home, either—car interiors can also be magnets for the deposition of airborne particles. Sometimes people spend nearly an hour each way commuting, breathing the indoor air of their cars. They often end up tracked right back into the house, starting the whole cycle over again.

The bottom line is that the key to your health and happiness lies in a clean home.

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