What Is Legionella in Aspen, CO, and Why Should I Be Concerned?

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Are you wondering, “What is legionella in Aspen, CO?” Some people are at greater risk of this bacterium than others. To determine if this should be a health concern for you or your family, use the following guide.

For additional information on legionella and legionella causes in Aspen, CO, contact your local health department, water utility company or water inspection service. These organizations can help you discover the level of risk your water has for legionella.

What is legionella in Aspen, CO?

Legionella is a form of bacterium. It can be found in freshwater environments. If it spreads to manmade water systems, it can be a health concern for those who use these sources. Potential areas of risk include sink faucets, shower heads, hot water heaters, hot tubs, cooling towers and large plumbing systems.

What are the most common legionella causes in Aspen, CO?

Once legionella multiply in a freshwater environment and spread to a manmade system, humans can become infected with this bacterium. If a person breathes in droplets of water that contain legionella, they can get Legionnaire’s disease.

Am I at risk?

If a healthy person is exposed to legionella, the chances are low that he or she will get sick. Most don’t. However, those with certain conditions or characteristics are at heightened risk. These include people who are 50 years of age or older, those who have chronic lung disease, people with weakened immune systems, those who have illnesses such as liver failure, kidney failure and diabetes and those who currently or used to smoke. If you or your loved ones fall into any of these categories, you may want to take extra precautions when it comes to legionella.

What can I do to reduce my risk?

If you’re not sure whether your water has been exposed to legionella, don’t take unnecessary risks. Since legionella causes a host of health issues if it turns into Legionnaire’s disease, be sure to prevent exposure if you or your family is at risk. To determine if your water source contains these bacteria, partner with a water inspector to test your water supply.

A professional can test your water for contaminants and recommend the best course of action to mitigate your risk. This might involve the installation of a water filter or a specific treatment process for your water supply to kill the bacteria. The professionals at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. can apply over two decades of experience to properly service your water supply.

Protect Your Water Purity

How pure is your water? Is it free from legionella? To check the quality of your water and provide any essential filtering or treatments, contact the team at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We’ve spent the past two decades delivering quality water services to customers throughout the area. We provide on-site investigation and sampling, recommendations, post-remediation and verification. After an initial consultation, we are able to determine what is needed and provide those services with reliability. Contact our team today to discover how we can help make your water cleaner and safer.

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