The Importance of Asbestos Testing in Aspen, CO

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Asbestos most commonly enters the body through airborne particles, which is why the worst effects of asbestos tend to be health conditions associated with the respiratory system. In fact, asbestos-containing material is not at all harmful unless it releases dust or fibers into the air in such a manner that they can be inhaled. While no new construction uses asbestos-containing materials any more, there are quite a few older buildings that still have asbestos in ceiling tiles, flooring, shingles, fire doors and other types of materials. It’s when these materials get demolished, damaged by water, broken or drilled into that their particles can go into the air.

While some of the fibers that get trapped in the mucous membranes can be removed, there are others that pass farther down into the body, where they can cause some serious health problems.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most prevalent dangers of asbestos, and why it’s so important to invest in asbestos testing in Aspen, CO if you believe you may be at risk of exposure:

  • Asbestosis: This condition is a type of chronic respiratory disease in which inhaled asbestos fibers cause irritation in the lung tissues, resulting in scarring. Some of the most common symptoms include dry wheezing or crackling in the lungs when inhaling, or a general shortness of breath. In more advanced phases, the disease can result in cardiac failure. There is unfortunately no effective treatment for this condition—it is typically fatal or, at the very least, disabling. Fortunately, the risk of such a condition is minimal for people who do not work directly with asbestos. It is most likely to affect people who renovate or demolish buildings that contain asbestos materials.
  • Mesothelioma: This is a rare type of cancer that typically occurs in the membrane lining found in the chest, lungs, abdomen and, in some rare cases, heart. There are only about 200 cases diagnosed in the United States each year, and just about all cases are associated with long-term exposure to asbestos. It is typically a disease that affects miners and textile workers who do a lot of work with asbestos, as well as workers in the manufacturing of asbestos-containing products.
  • Lung cancer: Lung cancer is the most common cause of death among people who have had asbestos exposure. It is a frequent condition suffered by those who have manufactured, mined or milled asbestos. The most common symptoms include changes in breathing or chronic coughing, as well as shortness of breath, hoarseness, chest pains and anemia.
  • Other types of cancer: There are some other types of cancers that have also been linked to asbestos exposure, including cancers in the kidneys, colon, stomach, larynx, esophagus and oral cavity.

There are several factors that influence a person’s likelihood to develop one of these conditions, including the duration of asbestos exposure, the amount of asbestos one was exposed to, whether or not a person smokes and a person’s age.

For more information about why asbestos testing in Aspen, CO is so important and what types of dangers you can expect to experience when exposed to asbestos, contact HealthSafe Inspections Inc. today.

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