Top 10 Ways to Keep the Air in Your Home Clean

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Did you know the air inside your home is likely more polluted than the air outside? Since you probably spend more time inside your home that out, it’s important to take steps to improve this air quality. Considering poor air quality can lead to serious health issues, it’s well worth your time and effort to make these improvements. Your local provider of mold consulting in Aspen, CO is here to help.

Use the following simple steps to improve the air quality in your home. You’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher surroundings and breathe easier, day and night:

  • Enjoy a breeze: Open your windows for a few minutes each day to recirculate the air and reduce the buildup of interior pollutants. Before you do so, check the quality of the outdoor air to ensure you aren’t letting in more pollutants than you’re letting out.
  • Go green: Add some greenery to your interior décor. Houseplants improve indoor air quality naturally.
  • Diffuse: Essential oil diffusers can reduce dust mites and airborne bacteria. They have antibacterial properties that can help improve the air quality of your surroundings.
  • Mind your own beeswax: Burning pure beeswax candles helps clean the air. It creates negative ions, which bind to positive ions in the air and pull them out of the air and onto the ground.
  • Kick off your shoes: Make it a habit to remove your shoes when you enter your home. Shoes track all kinds of pollutants into the home, so don’t drag them farther than the door mat.
  • Give Fido a haircut: Pet dander is a major indoor pollutant. Keep your pets well groomed to minimize this pollution. If you brush them at home, be sure to do so outside.
  • Keep it cool: Did you know your air conditioning unit acts as a whole-house air filter? When you run this system, you are not only cooling your surroundings but making them cleaner, too. Be sure to change your HVAC filter regularly!
  • Make your own: Store-bought cleaners are often filled with toxic chemicals that fill your interior with irritants. Consider making your own cleaners with ingredients you probably already have on hand, such as baking soda and vinegar.
  • Purify it: Invest in an air purifier to help keep your indoor air clean. This device will reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. Look for a purifier that is EPA recommended or approved.
  • Get hold of the mold: Don’t let mold take hold of your home. This health hazard grows in dark, damp spaces. Keep things clean and dry to avoid mold growth. Partner with a provider of mold consulting in Aspen, CO to ensure your home is mold-free.

Get More Tips

Want even more tips on how to keep your air clean? Contact the experts at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We are your go-to source for indoor air quality and mold consulting in Aspen, CO. Reach out to our team today to discover how we can help keep your surroundings clean and help you breathe easier every day.

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