Will Keeping the Windows Open Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

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You’ve always heard that fresh air is good for you. This may make you wonder: is having windows open constantly good for indoor air quality? This seems to make sense. If all that outdoor air is good for you, then bringing it inside will make the interior healthier too, right? Your experts in mold testing in Aspen, CO are here to help with this dilemma.

The truth is, the answer isn’t a clear yes or no. “It depends” is more accurate. Here’s why.

Pollution Factors

If your interior feels stuffy, bringing in some fresh air from outside can be a good idea. However, if the air outside is polluted, it may make your interior worse. It’s important to know how high the pollutant levels are in the surrounding area before you let that air into your interior.

Pollution levels are measured in three ways. PM10 is the amount of matter in the air that is smaller than 10 microns. This includes mold, dust and pollen. PM2.5 measures the particulates that are smaller than 2.5 microns, such as factory emissions, smoke and other human activity. The last measurement is ground-level ozone (smog). This is generated largely by gases from vehicles.

Playing It Safe

To improve your indoor air quality while minimizing your risk of exposure to pollutants, use the following tips:

  • Monitor air quality: Portable air quality monitors can measure real-time air pollution levels. This display will allow you to remain aware of the air quality in your surroundings.
  • Minimize pollution: Several sources of indoor pollution can lower your air quality. Mold, dust, smoke and gases are common sources. To prevent mold growth, keep your indoor humidity at 40 percent. When cooking, use the range hood over your stove. If you smoke, do so outside.
  • Make wise choices: Use discretion when airing out your interior. Opening windows and using fans can help disperse pollutants from the indoors. However, be aware of the quality of the outdoor air before you let it into your interior.
  • Make it pure: A high-performance air purifier can remove most of the pollutants from indoor air. Consider using a purifier with filtration technology to keep your air clean. A whole-house or commercial air purification system is also a good choice to filter both the outdoor air that enters and the interior recirculated air.
  • Make a call: One of the best ways to keep your air quality high is to partner with experts in mold testing in Aspen, CO. These professionals can test your indoor air quality and make specific recommendations for your home or office based on your location and unique needs.

Breathe Easier

Are you concerned about the indoor air quality in your daily environment? Contact the pros at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We offer on-site investigation and sampling, report writing, recommendations and post-remediation verification. We consult and test for several indoor contaminants, such as allergens, asbestos, bacteria, mold and fungus, radon gas and more. After an initial consultation, we are able to determine what is needed to maintain a pure air environment for your surroundings. Reach out to us today to breathe easier tomorrow.

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