Best Ways to Defend Against Radon Leaks

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Radon is a tricky issue for homeowners. If left unchecked, it can be a major problem down the line—it’s a known fact that radon impacts lung cells and may be linked to cancer. While it’s acceptable to live with very low levels of radon, levels that are too high could have a major impact on your family’s health.

That’s why it’s a smart idea to invest in radon testing in Aspen, CO. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to make sure that it remains safe for occupancy, professional technicians can help you keep your indoor air quality high. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to ensure that the air your breathing is relatively free of radon:

  • Sealing entry of gas: There are spots where gas can leak into a home, which may become a source of radon. These are also sources of energy loss and may result in moisture entering and damaging the foundation. When leaks in the home are sealed, but those underground are not, this may lead to radon levels increasing in the chimney.
  • Ventilation: Did you know that the air inside your home may be just as polluted as the air outdoors? Cooking, cleaning and using gas-powered appliances indoors may lead to unsafe air. If your home is well sealed, then ventilation is important. Pipes beneath the foundation leading up to the roof level is one solution. Another possibility is using a wind turbine in the foundation or a crawlspace.
  • Fans: Ceiling fans, air-circulating fans and ion generators are all effective at eliminating radon molecules that damage the lungs. In fact, some ceiling fans can drop radon rates by up to 95 percent. Investing in one of these may be a smart idea if you’re concerned about radon levels.
  • Sub slab depressurization: This is a radon reduction method that is a bit costly, but is generally deemed effective. This technique involves using a vacuum fan to suck air from underneath a concrete floor.

You don’t want to trust radon testing in Aspen, CO to just anyone. HealthSafe Inspections Inc. has more than two decades of experience offering quality services to customers in Aspen and the surrounding communities. As a locally owned and operated business with deep experience in the industry, we strive to maintain the friendly and trustworthy reputation that we have built over the years. Our loyal customers choose us again and again because we’ve worked to earn their trust.

HealthSafe Inspections Inc. is an indoor environmental consulting firm providing a range of services, including on-site investigation and sampling, report writing, recommendations and post-remediation verification. After an initial consultation, we are able to determine what is needed. Our expert technicians will do what it takes to help your family feel safe and protected. We also consult and test for a variety of indoor contaminants, such as allergens, asbestos, bacteria, mold and fungus, radon gas and more. Call us today to learn more or schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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