Abatement vs. Remediation

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If you’re facing a mold, asbestos, lead or radon issue in your home, you’re concerned about your family’s health and safety. You know that the problem needs to be addressed quickly. However, you may be wondering what the best solution is. You want the toxic substance out of your home quickly so that the air you’re breathing is safe.

It’s a smart idea to speak with experts in mold remediation in Aspen, CO. One of the first steps is learning the difference between abatement and remediation—two commonly used terms that are critical to understanding the removal of toxic substances. You’ll want to consider which one is best for your home. Let’s take a look at the meanings of both and how they might apply to your situation.


This includes removing the problem from the structure or enclosing it so it no longer poses a risk. The first step in abatement is to seal off the building, typically using polyethylene sheets, and securing those with polyethylene tape. The toxic substance is taken out and placed in disposal bags. These bags must be closed off using tape and the affected surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth. A HEPA vacuum may also be used in cleaning, should the situation merit it.


These means fully addressing the underlying problem and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again. (Note that remediation also includes an initial abatement period.) The professionals you choose will write up an outline describing the exact nature of the problem, as well as the source of contamination, and how they plan to address the issue. This may involve testing and isolating the problem, followed by using various strategies to close off the source.

Which should I choose?

Which approach you take will depend on the nature of the problem. For example, lead and asbestos can usually be treated effectively through abatement. Mold, on the other hand, is going to keep coming back if you don’t address the source of its growth. Discussing the problem with an expert is a good first step toward resolving it.

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