It’s Wildfire Season—Stay Clear of Wildfire Smoke

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While summer time brings much to enjoy, from swimming pools to cookouts, for those of us in Colorado, it also brings wildfires. These will burn forests throughout the state for the coming months. Most of the time, wildfires post little threat to human life. However, in recent years fires have raged close to population centers throughout the western United States, damaging homes, forcing people to evacuate and, in some cases, leading to deaths.

Inhaling smoke is likely to have a range of negative health effects. Breathing smoke particles can lead to respiratory issues in both the short and long terms. Even if you’re hundreds of miles away, inhaling smoke has been associated with a higher risk of conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension.

Following these wildfires, it may be necessary to hire professionals in the field of smoke damage remediation in Aspen, CO. But first things first—let’s take a look at how to keep you and your family safe from the harmful effects of wildfire smoke:

  • Mostly stay inside: While spending time outdoors is usually good for your health, that’s not the case when there’s a wildfire nearby. Check air quality alerts regularly to see if your area’s air is being affected by wildfires, and plan accordingly. These air-quality alerts will also notify you about invisible pollution. These tiny particles are liable to occupy lung tissue and have been correlated with everything from coughing to irregular heartbeat.
  • Use air conditioners: Even if the weather isn’t very hot, run the air conditioner to prevent smoke and harmful chemicals from coming into your home. Make sure the air conditioner’s filter is clean and that any setting to draw in air from outdoors is disabled. This will also prevent you from having to open windows, which also allows smoke to come inside.
  • Keep an escape plan ready: What if the fire is getting so close that you’re risking your family’s life? Then it’s time to enact an emergency plan. Keep an emergency kit with at least three days of food and water readily available, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Follow state and local government and emergency services on social media to find out if your neighborhood is at risk during a fire.

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