Do You Need Asbestos Testing in Aspen, CO? Here Are Five Products That Still Contain Asbestos

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You’ve probably heard about the dangers of asbestos. It can cause deadly lung cancer when breathed in over time. Since the hazards of this material have been made known, countless properties and products have undergone asbestos removal. But did you know that some products still contain this dangerous substance? Before you decide asbestos testing in Aspen, CO is no longer needed, consider the following products.

These common parts are things many of us encounter every day. Certain professionals are at greater risk of exposure due to their job duties. Keep in mind that these products can pose a risk and take the appropriate precautions if you encounter them:

  • Automotive parts: Mechanics who deal with car parts every day may be at risk of asbestos exposure. Clutches, gaskets, brake pads and pipes can contain asbestos. These parts are used in trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. Working with them regularly could be dangerous if they are not handled appropriately.
  • Fire safety parts: Did you know asbestos fibers are fire-repellent? Due to this natural characteristic, this material is often used in fireproof products. While this can protect product users from fire, it can also expose them to deadly asbestos. Fire curtains, fire blankets and fireproof coatings may contain asbestos. If exposed to heat, they can release the asbestos into the air. Because of this, it is important to use these products with caution and only use them when necessary.
  • Experimental parts: Lab equipment is typically fireproof or fire resistant. This means it often contains asbestos. Fireproof jackets and gloves, as well as some tabletops and hoods, contain asbestos. Be sure to use caution when working in a lab with these products, especially if they are placed under extreme heat that could release the deadly fibers.
  • Building parts: Modern building techniques have reduced the amount of asbestos involved in construction. However, many homes built before 1980 still have asbestos in their insulation, flooring, plaster and paint. Even new products such as plaster, flooring and insulation still contain some asbestos. If working in a construction environment, it is important to take proper precautions to avoid exposure. If you’re unsure whether your property contains asbestos, you can contact a local professional for asbestos testing in Aspen, CO to determine the risk of any proposed project.
  • Gardening parts: A mineral called vermiculite is a common source of asbestos. This mineral is often used in fertilizers and potting soils. If you plan to do any gardening, watch for this ingredient and take the appropriate measures to avoid breathing in the product. Wear a mask to prevent inhalation any dangerous asbestos fibers.

Would you like to find out if asbestos is present in your home or products? Don’t take any chances with your health. Contact your local experts at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. for asbestos testing in Aspen, CO. Our professional technicians offer extensive experience to help you determine what risk, if any, is present in your surroundings. Our services offer protection and peace of mind. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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