How to Test for Indoor Allergens and Pollens

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For many people, spring and summer are seasons of suffering. When plants are blooming, they’re spreading uncomfortable amounts of pollen through the air. Additionally, dry summer air is particularly adept at disseminating dust and other types of allergens. While it’s bad enough to have to suffer through allergy symptoms outdoors, many people also have to deal with their allergies inside the supposed comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, businesses may deter customers or host unhappy employees if they’re infested with pollen and other allergens. To make things even worse, it’s often difficult to determine the specific types of allergens affecting a given indoor space, and also to determine the source of the pollens or irritants affecting homes and businesses.

Thankfully, advanced testing technology now makes it easier than ever before to determine the source and type of allergens affecting you, your home and your place of business. Experts specializing in biohazard testing in Aspen, CO can help you make your home or business comfortable and enjoyable once again.

Testing yourself

Different types of allergens affect different people in unique ways. If you’re suffering from an allergic reaction to pollen, dust or another allergen, but can’t determine the exact cause of your reaction, you may want to consider investing in a specialized test to determine the allergens you’re most susceptible to.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests use a small amount of blood to read your body’s antibody count, and determine what types of allergens may cause a reaction within your body. If you frequently experience extreme, adverse allergic reactions, consider asking your doctor if an ELISA test is right for you.

Testing your space

It may seem like testing your home or business for specific allergens would be either overly expensive or nearly impossible. In fact, it’s actually relatively easy to test your space for potential allergens, thanks to recent technological advances.

There are a number of steps experts specializing in biohazard testing in Aspen, CO may take to analyze the allergen content in your home. For instance, they might take air samples and perform a microscopic analysis of the dust and allergen content. They may also use advanced equipment to look for dust mites, pollen, molds, fungus and other common allergy causes.

Once the allergy testing professionals have performed their evaluation, they’ll likely provide you with a list of steps you can take to effectively remediate your home, and remove as many allergens as possible from your living space.

Since 2005, HealthSafe Inspections Inc. has been a premier provider of biohazard testing in Aspen, CO. We are proud to provide each and every one of our clients with specialized testing and remediation services that meet their specific and individualized needs. Whether you’re hoping to clear the air at your workplace or are in need of assistance with pervasive allergic reactions in your home, you can count on us to provide you with the robust range of services you need to live comfortably and allergy-free. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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