What Are Some Common Sources of Lead in Your Home?

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As various areas around the country continue to report the presence of lead, you may be wondering about the possibility that lead could enter your home. Keep reading about some of the possible ways, and then determine whether arranging for lead testing in Aspen, CO by a trusted professional would be a good decision for you and your family.

Do you participate in any activities where lead may be present?

If you perform tasks like refinishing furniture or automobile repair, it may be possible that you have come into contact with lead or paint containing lead.

If you enjoy fishing or hunting, lead may be present in fishing sinkers and supplies or shot. Lead also may be present in dyes or glazes used in pottery.

When you perform activities that may bring you into contact with lead, don’t put any leaded items in your mouth. Always wash your hands once you are finished and before you eat or drink anything. Make a point to take a shower and change your clothes before you arrive home, and wash any clothes that may have been exposed to lead separately from your household’s other laundry.

Have you noticed paint that has fallen into your soil?

Soil, including in playgrounds and yards, can become contaminated with lead if paint that contains lead was applied to the exterior of a home or building. If the paint flakes off and gets into the soil, it might be ingested by young children who may enjoy playing in the dirt.

If soil containing lead is present outside your home, it can also be tracked inside. Lower the chances of this occurring by placing doormats outside your front door and in front of all entrances. Take off your shoes before entering your home and place them by the front door, and ask guests to do the same.

Is your home older?

The federal government prohibited the use of paint that contained lead for consumer purposes in 1978, though some states adopted this rule before then. In homes built before 1978, there is a decent chance that lead is present.

Lead paint may not always be the top layer of paint, as newer layers may have been painted over layers that contain lead. If the paint appears to be in good condition, lead paint is generally not an issue. However, if you notice any paint that is cracking, chipping or otherwise damaged, it may be lead paint that can pose a hazard to you and your family. If you observe paint like this in your home, contact a lead testing professional as soon as possible.

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