Three Tips for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality This Winter

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Every winter, in an effort to save money, most of us spend extra time making sure that our homes stay bundled up. We put coverings on our windows, re-weather strip our doors, caulk cracks and improve our insulation. Each of these efforts is, generally speaking, well worth it. Certainly, they will all save you money on your energy bill, especially when you combine these efforts into an overall winter insulation plan. However, there is one drawback to all this effort, and for some of us that drawback can be significant.

The fact of the matter is, when we keep our home tightly sealed, we forgo fresh air, and live instead on constantly recycled air. This can drastically decrease the air quality in your home if you do not take certain steps to prevent this. In this post, we will share the three simplest and best ways to improve the air quality in your home during the winter.

Replace furnace filters

By far this is the most important thing you can do. Because it will not be possible every single day to open a window or door, not when the weather outside is frightfully cold, it is crucial that you replace your furnace filters often. These filters are your main line of protection from particulate pollution and even from microbes. If you allow your filter to get too old without changing it, it will begin to have an adverse effect. In other words, instead of catching pollution, it will begin to pump it through your home. This is terrible for your lungs. And on top of that, a dirty furnace filter is one of the most serious fire hazards in the home.

Have portable air filtration device in your home

Portable air filtration devices can provide noticeable increases in air quality in a single room. If you cannot afford a portable air filter for each room, then have one or two and move them with you to the rooms you visit most often. Filters that use technologies other than plain old fabric HEPA filters, such as filters that use ionized metal, are far less reliable on average. Remember that air filters do not in and of themselves help with mold. If you have mold, you’ll likely need to take advantage of professional mold consulting in Aspen, CO.

Open your windows or door on a sunny day

Finally, make sure that you take advantage of every beautiful sunny day you have this winter. It may be that you don’t get that many, but when you do, leave your door open, or open your windows wide and allow fresh air to circulate within your home. Just a few hours of this can help replace stale air with fresh air throughout your living space!

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