Here Are the Facts on Radon

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Radon is a radioactive gas, first discovered in 1899, and now known for its carcinogenic properties. Despite the fact that it cannot be seen, tasted or smelled, radon is a toxic substance that substantially elevates cancer risks after exposure. Most radon is naturally occurring, and comes from the radioactive decay of uranium in rocks and soils.

The presence of radon gases in homes, industrial spaces and businesses should be cause for concern and immediate remediation measures. Because radon is virtually undetectable, the only way to be certain about the presence of radon in your home is to go through radon testing in Aspen, CO.

What is radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas created by the breakdown of naturally occurring radioactive substances. Radon is capable of easily passing through walls and soils, and can easily infiltrate groundwater sources as well as the ground itself. Radon is a generally stable substance, meaning that it typically does not react to other chemical compounds.

The gas is soluble with a number of organic and inorganic substances, meaning that it can easily permeate building materials. This means that some homebuilders may be inadvertently exposing their residents to radon gas.

Health risks of radon

Because radon is a radioactive gas that can permeate water and soil, it functions as a highly volatile carcinogen that can be easily inhaled or ingested. Radon significantly elevates the risks of contracting lung and other types of cancer. Continued and repeated exposure to high levels of radon may also bring on symptoms similar to those suffered by people who have contracted radiation poisoning.

Testing for radon

The only way to be certain that your home is free of this dangerous radioactive gas is to consult with an expert for radon testing in Aspen, CO. Radon testing experts can measure specific radiation levels in your home or industrial space, and make informed recommendations on how you can move forward with making your site safe for living and working. It can take years for radon symptoms to manifest themselves, so you should have your space tested before it becomes a significant health risk.

You should always undergo radon testing prior to moving into a new home or commercial space. While radon remediation is possible, you should be fully aware of any costs that may be incurred by the presence of radon before investing in a new property.

Once the presence of radon in your home or commercial space is confirmed, you can undergo remediation services as recommended to you by your testing professional.

HealthSafe Inspections Inc. has been providing dependable and accurate radon testing in Aspen, CO for more than a decade. If you are concerned about the possible presence of radon in your home or business, you should reach out to one of our helpful, highly qualified consulting professionals. We can assist you with identifying any radon gases that may be present in your space, and help you identify a workable solution for remediation. You can make your space safe again by reaching out to one of our professional associates today!

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