Simple Measures to Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “poison”? Most of us would immediately think of danger, pain or death. Regardless, it is going to catch your attention and perk up your ears—especially if you are the parent of small children. One such concern for parents is lead poisoning, which can cause long-lasting effects on their physical growth, as well as their behavior, hearing and learning process.

How does lead poisoning occur?

An adult or child suffers from lead poisoning when the body absorbs an excessive amount of lead, either by breathing it in or swallowing a substance with lead in it—such as food, water, dust or paint. Lead can have a negative impact, as it can damage almost all the organs in the body.

Here’s some advice from a business that specializes in lead consulting in Basalt, CO about the steps you can take to prevent childhood lead poisoning:

  • Wash their hands and toys: Children are notorious for putting their hands in their mouth after touching things. To reduce the transfer of lead-based contaminants found in soil and dust, make sure to wash their hands. Wash hands after playing inside or outside, before meals and when getting ready for bed. Also, regularly wash toys with a gentle, non-toxic soap.
  • Clean surfaces often: It’s important to vacuum dirty floors every week, as well as wet clean on a regular basis. You should wipe with a damp cloth all furniture, windowsills, floorboards and other surfaces that are likely to catch dust.
  • Be wary of soil contact: Some outdoor soil may be lead-contaminated. So, to keep soil outside, have a “no shoes” policy in place for everyone entering your home. Furthermore, take measures to prevent your children from playing on areas covered in soil, and consider covering exposed garden soil with mulch, grass or a pretty ground cover.
  • Run water before using: Older plumbing can be made of lead pipes or hardware. Therefore, it’s best to run about a minute’s worth of cold water to flush out any possible lead before using the water that comes from your faucets.
  • Encourage a healthy diet: Good nutrition has been shown to lower lead absorption in the body. It is especially crucial that children get enough vitamin C, iron and calcium in their diets to keep lead from being absorbed.
  • Have your paint tested: When in doubt or before a home remodel, get your wall paint tested for lead. Failing to test can result in lead dust getting into the air, which can poison your family, pets and anyone else nearby.

Lead consulting in Basalt, CO is worth your while to ensure a lead-free living environment and keep your children safe from the life-long problems associated with lead poisoning. You’ll worry no more with HealthSafe Inspections Inc. by your side. Contact us today to learn more about the hazards associated with lead and to schedule a visit for lead testing. In the event that high lead levels are discovered, we can recommend a course of action.

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