Know the Importance of Lead Testing in Basalt, CO

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Lead poisoning is a serious issue that affects countless people each year. Many of us don’t think to check the contents of our walls’ paint, but if your home was built before 1978, you are at a very real risk of having lead-based paint in your home, which can be a serious issue for your health and that of anyone in your household.

HealthSafe Inspections Inc. is a leader in lead testing in Basalt, CO, and we understand the absolute necessity of detecting any lead immediately, so you can get rid of this poisonous substance right away and keep your family healthy and safe. Here are just a few facts about lead poisoning that you need to know. When you need lead testing, call the pros at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. to schedule a visit.

Lead paint can be inside or outside your home

Back in the 1970s and earlier, lead-based paint was the norm. In fact, it was even positively advertised for its excellent quality! Today we know better, and you should also know that your home could have lead-based paint not just on its interior, but possibly on its exterior, as well. It’s important to have both places carefully inspected, so you don’t run the risk of having lead leach into your home.

An experienced company knows that lead testing in Basalt, CO can help you detect lead in other areas of your property. For example, lead from your walls could be leaching into your water or soil. You should be aware of this possibility and make sure to confirm that you don’t have any extended lead issues.

Inspect before you renovate

One of the most important things to know about lead-based paint is that, if you have it in your walls, home renovations should be conducted with extreme caution. This is because things like knocking down walls or stripping paint can release the lead into the air in the form of dust. Inhaling this lead dust is extremely dangerous. When you know ahead of time that you have lead-based paint in your home, you can make sure your contractors and family stay safe.

Lead poisoning leads to health complications—or worse

Did you know that lead paint could be a possible cause of your health problems? If you don’t know there is lead in your home’s walls, you could suffer from a variety of health issues, such as anemia, kidney damage, brain damage, overall weakness and, in extreme circumstances, even death. Children are especially vulnerable to lead toxicity, so it’s very important to get your home tested so your children don’t suffer permanent physical or cognitive damage.

If you think you or your children might be suffering from lead poisoning or have been exposed to it for any significant amount of time, make sure to get to your doctor immediately for testing.

Get help now

When you have HealthSafe Inspections Inc. come out to your home for thorough lead testing in Basalt, CO, you’re making an important investment in your family’s health and wellbeing. Give us a call today so we can help you and your family stay safe!

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