Don’t Forget About Your Water During Lead Testing in Basalt, CO

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The ongoing crisis with Flint, Michigan’s water supply has brought the dangers of lead poisoning in water to the forefront, and a lot of people have been wondering how safe their water really is. This is a good question to ask, and highlights the necessity of professional lead testing in Basalt, CO.

Below are a few facts you should know about lead in water. To learn more, and to schedule a lead testing for your property, give HealthSafe Inspections Inc. a call today.

Lead is a real threat

Many people don’t realize they are dealing with a lead problem until some damage has already been done. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 20 percent of any exposure we have to lead is through contaminated water. That’s a scary figure, especially considering how simple it is to find out if you have lead in your water to begin with.

Consider the many uses of water in our daily lives, from brushing our teeth, to mixing it with formula to feed our infants. Lead doesn’t get flushed out of the body the way many other substances or toxins do. It can actually build up over time, even when exposure is fairly low, eventually reaching a toxic level. It is some comfort to know that lead in water is not absorbed through the skin, but since that is only one of many ways we use water, it still pays to be careful.

Lead can enter water through plumbing

In order to fully understand the risk of lead poisoning in water, it’s helpful to know how it enters our homes to begin with. One very common way is through plumbing components, such as fittings, pipes, faucets and the materials that keep them all in place. When these items start to rust and become corroded, they can release toxic lead into your water system.

Newer and older homes can be contaminated

While older homes are at the highest risk for having lead—such as homes built anytime before 1896, and particularly those built in the 1970s—even newer homes can have a lead problem. In fact, homes built as recently as 2012 and 2013 can have high levels of lead, due to a rule in place that allowed up to 8 percent lead content in supposedly “lead-free” pipes!

Fortunately, new laws enacted in 2016 are much stricter in their lead-free specifications, so you can rest assured that, should you find lead in your water, you can remedy the situation with proper remodeling.

Test before remodeling

Speaking of remodeling, it is imperative that you get your home tested for lead before embarking on any remodeling projects. Lead in paint or pipes can be released into the home environment, and your contractors can take extra precautions to prevent this if they know of lead’s presence before they start.

Now that you know the importance of lead testing in Basalt, CO, give HealthSafe Inspections Inc. a call. We’ll help you plan for a safe future for you and your family.

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