Hire an Indoor Environmental Professional for Preventative Inspections for Mold Testing in Aspen, CO and More

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Like having your HVAC or car engine checked regularly to make sure it is working right, hiring an expert indoor environmental professional (IEP) can ease your mind about your indoor air quality. The key to healthy air in your home or office space is keeping problems from starting. If you wait for indoor contaminants to present themselves instead of taking preventative measures early on, there may be issues you will have to deal with, such as problems with your health—not to mention expensive remediation and repairs.

Here’s why you should hire an IEP for mold testing in Aspen, CO and to perform preventative inspections for other indoor contaminants:

  • Radon exposure: This gas is odorless and radioactive and is formed from the breakdown of uranium found in the earth under and around structures—like residential foundations, commercial buildings and in-ground water wells. Radon can leak into homes through cracks in concrete floors, basement drains, crawl spaces and water wells. Inhaling it can impact a person’s health over time; unfortunately, lung cancer is a common side effect.
  • Mold growth: Mold is a nasty problem to have to deal with, especially when the problem is inside your home. It’s one of those unhealthy contaminants that grows in moist environments, hence mold’s presence in poorly ventilated bathrooms, cabinets housing water pipes, dark basements and areas on the outside of your home. Mold is also common after events like a burst pipe or natural disaster that led to a home or building flood. Unfortunately, mold—whether visible or hidden—can cause respiratory issues when inhaled.
  • Airborne allergens and bacteria: Even though you probably change your air filter often, you or others in your home or office may exhibit allergy symptoms they never had before, or existing allergies might be exacerbated. Don’t just attribute this to seasonal allergies, because you could have a buildup of unhealthy airborne allergens, bacteria and other particles floating around. Take action to make your space healthy again—consult the pros today!
  • Avoid costly remediation and repairs: If you let an indoor air quality problem go too long, it’s likely that remediation is going to be expensive, not only due to the fact that an expert will have to run multiple tests for hazardous leaks and air contaminants, but because you may end up needing building repairs as well. For example, excessive mold growth will go everywhere—around doorframes, entire walls, under carpeting and even into walls, where it can ruin insulation materials. These parts of your home or commercial building may have to be torn apart to rid the space of mold or other toxic contaminants that are hazardous to your health.

Paying for preventative inspections may seem like a waste of money when no contaminants or leaks show up on the IEP’s radar, but it also means you are doing whatever you can to keep problems from happening. Take the necessary steps to ensure your living and working environment is safe and healthy. Contact our experts at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. any time for radon, bacteria, allergen and mold testing in Aspen, CO!

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