Four Dangers Involved in Post-Disaster Remediation in Aspen, CO

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It should go without saying that there’s a lot of work needs to be done after a sudden disaster occurs in your home or business. The work is so dangerous and labor-intensive that we always recommend calling a company that specializes in post-disaster remediation in Aspen, CO. The professionals at HealthSafe Inspections, Inc. are trained in handling all of the following dangerous aspects of cleaning up after a disaster:

  • Poor structural integrity: Regardless of what a house or business looks like from the outside after a disaster hits, the building isn’t safe. Everything could look okay to the naked eye, but disasters always damage the underlying structure. Professionals doing post-disaster inspections and cleanup always need to be aware of floors giving way, ceilings falling down, walls collapsing, etc. Due to those dangers, you won’t be able to safely occupy your home after a disaster. We work quickly and efficiently to get you back into your home as soon as possible.
  • Mold growth: One of the worst parts about having a flooded home doesn’t begin until after all of the water is removed. Mold growth is bound to occur if you don’t call for proper post-disaster remediation in Aspen, CO as soon as possible after a burst pipe or flood of rainwater from a storm. Even though you can’t see it, mold grows behind the walls and under the floorboards rather quickly. Mold spores become airborne and cause problems breathing for those in an affected area. Our professionals wear all the right gear while performing mold remediation service and ensure all mold is removed and treated before you move back into your home.
  • Asbestos: You’ve probably seen commercials on TV for lawyers representing clients that have been subjected to asbestos during their careers in shipyards, factories and other spaces that contained heavy amounts of the material. Asbestos was used for decades as a fire retardant, and we only recently learned it causes terrible diseases like COPD and lung cancer. Many older homes also contain the deadly material in various parts of the house, like around the piping, in the walls and under the floor. Having it in your home isn’t really a problem until you have a disaster that knocks down walls or blows off your roof. Asbestos used in construction will be floating in the air, putting your lungs at risk. A post-disaster remediation crew will wear protective masks to remove and replace aspects of your home that contain asbestos.
  • Utilities: Even though your home may seem like it’s okay to live in after a disaster occurs, it’s not. Even the smallest disasters can cause problems with your electric and heating systems that’ll only cause further damage down the road. Electrical outlets can malfunction and cause a fire, and damaged furnaces can release deadly (and silent) carbon monoxide gas. Call a specialist in post-disaster remediation in Aspen, CO to inspect your utilities.

Never take a chance on trying to restore your home yourself after a disaster. Give HealthSafe Inspections, Inc. a call today and let us take care of the cleanup for you.

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