Five Signs Your Home May Require Lead Testing in Aspen, CO

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Lead paint in a home can present a danger, especially in older homes, as this was a common ingredient in paint for the times. Lead paint can be harmful to children or pregnant women if exposed, as it can induce lead poisoning and be lethal. Having lead testing in Aspen, CO performed at your home can relieve you of this potential risk and see if there is something you need to do about it. Here are five signs that you need to have your home tested for lead paint:

  • Home built before 1978: If your home was built before 1978, there is a good sign that you need to have lead testing in Aspen, CO to see if this metal is present. Since lead was common in paint before 1978, if your home was built before then, there is a good chance that lead is present in your home. While the paint doesn’t pose a threat if it’s still in good condition, it is still a good idea to know about it as your home ages and needs repairs.
  • Peeling or chipping paint: This can pose a serious potential threat to people in your home. As paint begins to chip or peel, it exposes the lead and can affect those that are living on the premises. The chipping paint allows the lead to permeate surfaces and be ingested without even knowing it. If you notice peeling paint in your home, have lead testing in Aspen, CO performed to see if this could be a problem for you and your family.
  • Children are present: Children are most susceptible to lead poisoning, as their bodies are more sensitive to the metal. Small children can eat chipping paint, and lead that gathers on toys and children’s objects exposes them to the dangerous metal. Lead testing in Aspen, CO will let you know if you should be concerned about the paint in your home and if your children are at risk. You can go through a remediation process to have the paint removed from the premises and keep your family safe.
  • Pregnant women in the home: If a woman in your home is pregnant, you should have your home tested for lead, as this presents a risk to unborn children. A baby can ingest lead from the mother and can be at risk for lead poisoning. It can cause nerve and brain damage in unborn children, which is a big reason why your home should be tested for lead to see if the home is safe for the pregnant mother.
  • Selling your home: If you plan to sell your home, you need to perform lead testing in Aspen, CO to identify to potential buyers whether lead is present in your home. This is required by law, and a home can’t be sold without the necessary tests that notify buyers of the home’s lead status.

By having lead testing in Aspen, CO, you can ensure your home is safe or undergo the necessary steps to have the lead paint removed from your home. To schedule a lead test for your home, contact HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We are experienced at testing, consulting and post-remediation related to a variety of contamination issues in residential and commercial properties.

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