Do You Need to Call for Mold Testing in Aspen, CO?

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Flooding in your home can be devastating. It can damage the structural integrity of your home as well as your valuables. Once you have found and stopped the source of the water leak, you need to get to the task of cleaning the water from your home. But even after the best of cleanups, water that is contaminated can leave mold in a home and cause health problems for those that live there. You may think that your water damage isn’t significant enough to require mold testing in Aspen, CO, but hidden mold can surprise you, and even the smallest of flooding situations needs this service. Here are some signs you need to call for mold testing at your home:

  • Contaminated water: You should call for mold testing in Aspen, CO if you believe the water that has flooded your home is contaminated. It could contain sewage, which has harmful bacteria and can create mold in your home. Even if you are unsure whether the water that has damaged your home is contaminated, it is a good idea to call for mold testing, as professionals will be able to access the situation and eliminate any risk associated with contaminated water that can breed bacteria.
  • Mold is present: If you do notice that you have mold present in your home, having mold testing in Aspen, CO can help determine the extent and scope of the problem. Having mold testing will let you know what areas of your home are infested, and you can then begin the process of removing it from your home. If you are unsure whether you have gotten all the mold removed, having mold testing performed in your home can make sure your home is free of this contaminant and ensure it is a safe environment for you to live in.
  • Hidden mold: Mold can be especially dangerous, as it can get into the vents and ductwork in your home. With the help of mold testing in Aspen, CO, you will know where mold is present, even if it can’t be seen. Anytime water sits for more than 24 hours, there is a good chance that you could have mold present, necessitating mold testing to determine its true extent.
  • Hard to breathe: Breathing can be affected by mold, as its spores can enter the lungs and cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. By having mold testing in Aspen, CO, you will be assured that your home is free of mold after you have had remediation services. This will let you know that it is safe to enter your home again and allow those that are sensitive to mold to live free from concern.

Thanks to mold testing in Aspen, CO, you will be able to find mold at the first sign of its presence and get it removed from your home before it becomes a danger to you and your family. To have mold testing conducted at your home, contact HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We are an experienced contamination resolution company that can ensure your home is safe to return to after a flood or other type of water damage.

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