Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

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We hear all about outdoor air quality, especially when there’s smoke in the air from forest fires or pollution. One thing people don’t talk about as much, though, is the air quality inside our homes. Since we spend the majority of workdays either at home or in an office, it stands to reason that we should take indoor air quality and our air filtration systems more seriously. Continue reading to learn more about indoor air quality and why good air filters are important in Aspen, CO:

  • Overall health: Microscopic pollutants in the air have a devastating effect on our health, and not just for people with pre-existing respiratory conditions. Dust, pet dander, mold and other allergens can lead to serious health concerns, including headaches, dizziness, breathing problems, frequent colds, rashes and eye irritation. Over time, these toxins could even lead to some types of cancer.
  • HVAC efficiency: The efficiency of your heating and cooling system pales in comparison to your health. However, it’s still something to consider! Air pollutants can clog up your HVAC system, decreasing the unit’s efficiency and raising your monthly energy bills. If you’re wondering whether good air filters are worth it in Aspen, CO, think about your wallet. Upgrading your air filters can reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs.
  • Home cleanliness: Even if you can’t see the grime, your home is filthy if your indoor air quality is poor. All of those toxins don’t just stay in the air—they settle into your furniture, bedding and carpeting. Ensure your home looks its best by cleaning up your indoor air!

How to improve your air quality

Fortunately, addressing poor indoor air quality is easier than you might think. Follow these steps to ensure your air is clean and you’re safe from any health concerns:

  • Get an air quality test: If you’re having some health problems and you think they might be related to your indoor air, then get an indoor air test! A professional air quality test will give you insight into the pollutants in your home and help you determine the next steps in improving your air quality.
  • Upgrade your filters: When customers ask whether good air filters are worth it in Aspen, CO, we say that they absolutely are! High-quality air filters not only boost the efficiency of your HVAC system, but they also reduce the pollutants in your air. Although they cost a bit more, upgrading your air filters can help you breathe easier and lower your monthly heating and cooling costs.
  • Close the windows: Many allergens in our homes come from outside. Although you can’t prevent everything from coming inside, you can drastically reduce allergens by closing your windows. Be sure to check the air quality reports and keep your windows closed on days with less-than-ideal air quality.

Get your air tested today

If you still don’t know why good air filters are important in Aspen, CO, then call our team at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. We can perform a comprehensive air quality test that will determine what pollutants are in your air, and then provide the solutions needed to improve your air quality.

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