How to Protect Your Home from Moisture Intrusion and Mold This Winter

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Protecting your home from moisture intrusion and mold is a never-ending job. Failing even a little at this important homeowner responsibility could cost you thousands of dollars in the future—it could even harm the health of your family. That is why we’ve put together this short guide to explain how you can protect your home and family from mold and moisture by protecting your roof this winter and calling for mold testing in Aspen, CO if anything is amiss.

Keep your attic well ventilated

During the winter, it is crucial to know that your attic is properly ventilated. When attic ventilation is insufficient, sometimes water is then able to condense and build up on the underside of your roof, which in the winter is often below freezing. Proper ventilation helps any small moisture issues evaporate before they become a bigger deal. If you heat your attic, we would suggest not keeping it at a temperature that is too far above the temperature outside. If your attic is too warm, snow on your roof can thaw and refreeze daily, becoming a heavy, solid piece of ice over time.

Make sure to check your attic and crawl spaces for leaks

Even when they are well maintained, it is always good policy to regularly check on your attic and your crawl spaces to make sure you don’t spring any new leaks in winter. If you have a leak in the winter and you want to fix it immediately, you’ll probably need a professional to do the work. If you’d like to try yourself, we recommend waiting until your roof is safe.

Keep the roof clean with a roof rake

Generally, it is considered pretty dangerous for a layperson to get onto a snow-covered roof to try to clean it. But if your roof is not too sharply sloped, and if you have the right equipment, using a snow rake on your roof to remove excess snow anytime you receive heavy snowfall is a great way of protecting your roof.

Don’t use chemicals on your roof

If you don’t feel comfortable getting up on the roof yourself, we suggest that you contact a professional to do the roof raking. Never take a shortcut and use chemicals or salt on your roof to melt the snow, as these chemicals, even salt, can quickly eat away at your shingles.

End the wet season with mold testing for your home

The winter can be a long, wet season. Even with the best preparation and even keeping an eye on every household task all winter long, it is still possible that you could miss something small. That is why we suggest that all cautious homeowners end each winter season with a professional inspection to look for any possible moisture infiltration, and of course any resulting mold. Taking care of any mold immediately should be among every homeowner’s priorities, as molds can wreak havoc on the lungs of both children and adults.

Learn more about mold testing in Aspen, CO

Mold testing is just one of the many services we offer here at HealthSafe Inspections Inc. to help people live the healthiest and best lives they can in their own homes. Remember to protect your roof this winter, and if, despite all your efforts, you find a little moisture still infiltrates your home, we hope you will give us a call. Our mold testing and mold remediation services will help you, your family and your home return to normal as quickly as possible.

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